Selecting The Best Premium Candles For Hostess Gifts

Finding the right gift for your favorite ‘hostess with the mostest can sometimes be daunting and stressful task. So many of the traditional hostess gifts are over used, such as wine and flowers, and finding something unique can be time consuming and expensive. Enter Village Candle premium candles. A unique and timeless option that are sure to be a hit with any hostess. When you buy candles you are giving a gift that lasts much longer than wine or flowers and one that will remind your favorite hostess of your gratitude each time she lights her favorite premium candle.

Village Candle premium round candles all come in a decorative glass jar that matches any decor. All of their premium candles also feature Village Candle’s unique dual wick technology and design, which burn cleaner and generate less soot than their competitors. Each candle is handcrafted in Maine under Village Candle’s strict quality control. They use only the highest quality wax, richest colors and the finest fragrance oils available. This makes Village Candles scented jar candles not only the best smelling, but also the best looking candles on the market.

Village Candle makes it easy to find a candle that is specifically best suited for your hostess by offering a variety of scents in four main categories; Florals, Baked Goods, Outdoors and Fruits. Is your hostess feminine and dreamy? Match her beautiful nature with an equally beautiful floral scent like Cherry Blossom or Hibiscus. Perhaps she is more motherly and sweet? The perfect match for the Baked Good collection, which includes scents that remind you of childhood and Mom’s baked goods, such as Banana Nut Bread, Brownie or Blueberry Muffin.

Of course some hostesses have more of an adventurous or earthy personality. Does she love camping, gardening or just spending time out in nature? She might be the right candidate for the simple and natural Outdoors line, including fresh scents like Balsam Fir and Citrus and Clove, or more earth scents such as Canyon Sunset and Desert Cactus. The Fruit line is perfect for the hostess that has a fun and energetic personality. The sweet and bright scents that make up this line will compliment her bright energy. Fresh Strawberry, Juicy Raspberry, Lemon Peel, Crisp Apple or even the tart and tangy Cranberry Grapefruit all bring with them scents that exemplify her lively and charming personality. No matter what her personality or preference you are sure to find the right scent to match. The author has an immense knowledge on premium candles. Know more about Village Candle, candles, buy candles related info in his website.

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